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               Bryce & Regg

Bryce's Daily Diet

On a daily basis, Bryce don't eat that much. For breakfast, she eats either a bagel with cream cheese or a protein shake depending on how much time she has. Typically that satisfies her hunger for the time being. When she makes protein shakes it makes her feel good about herself and accomplished since they are considered a healthier choice.                                                    

Come about 10:45 she has a snack, which is typically some kind of crackers, like cheese-its, ritz crackers, etc. Sometimes she is hungry at this time, and sometimes she isn't. This usually satisfies her hunger for the time being, and gets her mind off food.                                                                            

When lunch times come around she eats a cutie to satisfy her desire for food until the end of the day. When school gets out, she goes straight to practice. She usually eats a granola bar to get her through till dinner.  


For dinner, Bryce eats some kind of meat either marinated or mixed in with sauce, unless its game day and then most game days, her family goes out to eat. All day Bryce satisfies her hunger needs with the food she desires.  She does not hardly ever have a big appetite because she snacks almost all day instead of having three full meals.


                                                     Reggg's Daily Diet

From day to day I don't eat much. When I wake up I don't crave an appetite unless i wake up late. But for breakfast depending how time I get for myself so I can head to school. I usually eat a pop tart it something quick and you can take it on the go. But if i have a lot of time I usually eat oatmeal or carbs and protein so I wouldn't be hungry throughout the day.                                                 

Now for lunch, I barely eat at school, I'm so cheap I don't like to spend my money, but I usually eat lunch at work which consists of protein, a carbs and grease. For dinner its the same, a carb and protein. But its not healthy though.                                                                                                        

Popular Weight Control Program

I was looking at the hydroxycut weight loss supplement, and what the product is trying to tell you is that the product will help you lose weight in weeks and you'll be lean and tone. They have plans that consists of protein and carbs. The strengths of the program is that they provide a meal plan. Instead of taking the pill almost every day after or before a workout. They supply you with ideas what to eat and how many portions to consume. The weakness of this product is back in 2009, hydroxycut was recalled because of numerous case reports of hepatotoxicity (liver poisoning) and other serious adverse effects, and people till this day that took that product in 2009 are still living with that side effect.

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