Dog (Aussie Poo)
By: Maya A.

Adorable Aussie-Poo!

" Stop chewing on my shoes!!!!" Thinking about getting a dog? Maybe an Aussie-Poo is the right dog for you!


This Tackk will tell you about the breed, it's health, care, and some fun facts! If you want a new addition to the family (Aussie) then read on!

About the Breed

An Aussie-Poo is a Australian Shepard mix with a poodle! The Aussie-Poo is also considered a low or non-shedding dog. It is also NOT a pure breed dog. An Aussie-Poo has a life span up to 10-12 years!


Now lets move to Aussie-Poo care! They are very sensitive, intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. Take time to train and get to know your Aussie! They are very easy dogs to train!


The Aussie- Poo needs 30 minutes of exercise every day. They are also highly sensitive to common veterinary drugs. They can also get a disease called double merle gene. Both breeds have this which makes it possible  for the puppy to have it. This disease makes the dogs deaf, blind, or both.

Fun Facts

Both breeds of the Aussie are two of the most smartest breeds! They also help the handicapped and the elderly. The Aussie- Poo has really fuzzy hair.


An Aussie-Poo could be a great pet! I hope you learned more about the Aussie-Poo's care, health, and some fun facts! Maybe an Aussie will be your next pet!


Affectionate- readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness.

Considered- regard (someone or something) as having a specified quality.

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