Ancient Inventions

Do you ever wonder how we make these inventions? Well we get these inventions from the past like planes. Planes come from the wright brothers.


All of out inventions come from the past, such as planes, pipes, well's, and so on. All of these inventions were made by geniuses, like Thomas Edison or the Wright Brothers. Some of these inventions disappear or get upgraded.


Some scientist's believe that in older times people were more intelligent than today. Around the 1940's they didn't have lights instead they used candles. In 1970's they used cars but the cars in the past weren't as fast as the cars of the present.


Romanians mostly made everything we use today, in the past their inventions didn't work as well as the ones in the future. Sometimes inventions disappear but luckily humans make them come back to life.

Hope you enjoyed.