Hurricane Heroes

The things that are different from Ariel is that only Matt and Deamonte helped people escape.Also, Hurricane Sandy hit Ariel and Matt's home. They were all considered heroes. They all survived the tragic event. They all had their stories written somewhere. These heroes were all kids. This was their first time in a hurricane. Deamonte was the youngest out of the trios. He helped five other kids even smaller than he was. His parents left him and he tried to escape. Matt helped rebuild Rockaway when it got destroyed. He also saved an elderly woman's life and her two dogs from drowning. He was actually there when the hurricane had hit them. His family was also by his side helping him along the way. Ariel Creamer actually escaped Rockaway before the hurricane hit. She ended up staying with her aunt. So, when she got back she decided to create a Facebook page to help the people who lost her stuff. Although, she didn't save any lives she helped them get their personal stuff back. In the end, she received the medal of honor from the president of the United States.

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