American football is a sport with 11 players on each side. One side is offense and they try to score by making running and passing schemes. They try to score in the opposing teams endzone.The defense tries to stop the offense from scoring by tackling the player with the football.

Who made the sport?

Walter Camp invented the sport of football. Walter Chauncey Camp was a football player and also a football coach. Walter Camp was a gradute from Yale university. Walter Camp is sometimes know as the "Father of American Football".

Who sponsers the most uniforms in football?

Nike has ruled the football uniforms in sponsorships. Nike doesn't just sponsor football they sponsor all the sports around the world. They make footwear, shirts, shorts, carry on bags, [etc.]. Nike sponsors over half of the college football teams.

What year did NFL football start?

NFL football started up in August 20th 1920. Walter Camp was the one who invented the sport. It came from sport rugby before football was made. American football was founded in Canton Ohio.

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