Lord Montague,
A 5-Day Life Story, Act 1

Those wretched Capulets, those villainous fool-born clot-poles! I bite my thumb at them! How dare, how dare they try crossing us, the mighty Montagues! We are as powerful as ancient Rome was! Truth to be told, I can not say I didn't want to quarrel with them. If my lady hadn't been holding me back, the Capulets shall have been short of a thousand heads, but I should point out that my old age is failing me. I only hope now is my dear son Romeo, but alas, he only goes looking into girls. I admit that when I was his age I was no better, but it seems as if the boy has a change of passion every week, if not shorter. Even now, he drools over that cousin of a Capulet, Rosaline. Doesn't Romeo understand that any relative of a Capulet, how small of blood is mixed in the vein, is a impertinent clay-brained haggard? Oh, how naive that boy is, or is it just foolishness of young age? Tonight, Romeo has left home at night without asking for permission. Just because you keep the boy a bit loose, he starts to believe that he can do anything he wants anytime he wants. I have my suspicion that Romeo has gone around to hang with Mercucio, bless that boy, and with Benvolio, blast that boy. Mercucio truly is a nephew to be proud of. Kind-hearted, handsome, and born into the mighty Montague family, but the question is the boy Benvolio. He seems as if he is a good guy and even being a relative of the prince, but he seems to be too free, too energetic, too chaotic sometimes. Oh Lord, I hope that Romeo doesn't follow around Benvolio too much. They better not be at that Capulet party I've been hearing about. They say pigs have seasons where they are just to happy to contain themselves, it probably is that season right now, if those churlish rump-fed boar-pigs are throwing a party. I shouldn't have to worry, for no Montague would be allowed in there, however I cannot fathom where he would be except at that party this moment. No, there's probably no way Romeo is there right now, could he?


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2 years ago

Oh Father! My Father! Well, isn't it a man's duty to find and marry beautiful women? To me it is my dear Rosaline.... but who is thee? That beautiful women at the party? I must follow her...