Man Tries to Run To Bermuda

By: Grace G.

Reza Baluchi in his inflatable bubble

Reza Baluchi had a mission to "run" to Bermuda in his hydro pod bubble from off the coast of Florida. Balichi  had protein bars, bottled water, a satellite phone with him. Reza Baluchi had been practicing and preparing for this trip for just about two years.  He made it 70 miles off the coast of St. Augustine before ending his trip. Coast Guard officials found out about Baluchi after receiving a report from someone saying Baluchi was asking for directions to Bermuda. The  Coast Guard soon contacted Baluchi to try to rescue him.  Here is the conversation Baluchi had with the coast guard.

Coast Guard: "Based on this information, do you wish to stop your voyage and embark the Coast Guard Vessel?"

Baluchi: "I did two-years practice for this."

Coast Guard: "I understand you've been practicing two years for this. So you are declining to stop your voyage at this time and embark the Coast Guard cutter?"

Baluchi: "I don't know what I can do."

After declining help from the Coast Guard, Baluchi activated his personal locating beacon. This lead to the Coast Guard helping with helicopter and water vessels to bring him back to shore. It wasn't long until the Coast Guard found out Baluchi's backstory. On his website, Baluchi explains why he wanted to "run" to Bermuda.  I think this news story with inspire others to go and live out their dreams. To learn more about Reza Baluchi and his trip, make sure to check out his website,  


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Reza traveled along the side of the Bermuda Triangle.