Sales Tax and Commission:

Formula: Sales tax= tax rate x purchase price                                                          

   Example                                                                                                                                1. I went to the store and bought a new phone for $650 and the sales tax rate is 3%. What is the sales tax?                                                                                                      1.change the sales tax rate into a decimal                                                                            3%= 0.03

2. Then multiply the price of the phone by 0.03                                                              0.03 x 650= 19.50

3. Then there is your answer                                                                                        $19.50 is the sales tax.

Figure it out:

1. The price of a bicycle you plan to buy is $300. The sales tax rate is 4%. How much is the sales tax?

Formula= tax rate x purchase price

The answer should be $12


Commission- a percent of the amount of your sales

To find the commission you use the same formula.

Formula- Commission= sales x commission rate


1. You go and buy a computer for $800 and a worker helped you. The worker's commission rate is 5%. How much commission do they get?

So you first have to change the commission rate to a decimal.                                            5%=0.05                                                                                                                                 Then you multiply the commission rate by the sales

0.05 x 800=$40

so the worker's commission is $40.


1. Find the commission on a $100 sale with a commission rate of 10%.

Formula= Commission=sales x commission rate

The answer would be $10.

Thanks for watching and listening !

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