Hello my name is Trinity.

Hai~ Im Trinity Nelson and welcome to the kingdom of regret and stuff...

I have tumblr and i'm apart of many fandoms my favorite is hetalia. i'm going to make the regrettable decision i'm going to try to list all my fandoms  nevermind that takes too much effort,and I really dont want to be here.. I dont have a favorite food so........here are some anime gifs..


In my free thyme I make spice puns.


I also frequent tumblr wasting my life.

I waste time on amazon wishing I had things I don't, like lolita dresses, steampunk dresses, victorian gothic dresses, gothic lolita dresses, kimonos, yukatas, band merch, and anime stuff.

Right now I have 500 things in my wishlist.

the total cost is above 10,000.00


cool, huh.

I know i'm not cool please don't leave me,

not again father.

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2 years ago

I like your gifs!

2 years ago

thanks man