Week of April 27

What actions did you run on your photos?

In front of my eye: I used Coffeeshop Vivid and Define and Sharpen.

My growth: I used Bw-Growin' Old disgracefully and Define and Sharpen.

Starts with I: I used Pop Monster, Define and Sharpen, and Sharpen THIS.

What I've learned: I used Slight Lighten and Define and Sharpen.

Why did you run these actions?

In front of my eye: I wanted to make the grass greener.

My growth: I thought the black and white would bring out more details.

Starts with I: I wanted to sharpen the glass.

What I've learned: I wanted to make the picture brighter.

Which is your favorite photo? WHY

My favorite is Starts with I because the glass is really sharp and clear. Plus the ice cubes look like eggs.

Which is your least photo? WHY

I don't have a least favorite. I thought they all turned out great.

In front of my eyes
My growth
Starts with I (Ice)
What I've learned