Amazing Aquariums

by : Dalton Brooks

My Budget

Medium Fish Tank - $225

Tru Temp Heater - $36

36" Light - $50

2 Spotted African Leaf Fish  - $17.98 ($8.99 each)

5 Long Fin Red Minor Tetra - $19.95 ($3.99 each)

1 Angelfish - $4.99 each

Tree Root Decorations - $20

13 bags of Top Fin Bright White gravel - $71.50 ($5.50 each)

Plants:  Begonia Plant-$4   Jungle Pod-Medium-$12

Total: $461.42

My Tank

Medium tank

Dimensions: 36" L x 15" D x 20" H

Volume: 10800 cubic inches

Gallons: 46.7

Conversion - I researched that one gallon equaled 231 cubic inches.  I set up this proportion:

1 gal/231 cubic inches = x/10800 cubic inches (determined by multiplying the dimensions of the tank)

My Fish

African spotted leaf fish (x2):

Eats flakes/pellets

Needs 29+gallons in the tank

Needs wood to hide behind instead of plants



Max size 6 inches

Long Fin Red Minor Tetra (x5):

Eats flakes/pellets

Needs 10+ gallons in the tank

Needs 5+ to school with

Swim in the open



Max size 2 1/2inches


Eats flakes/pellets

Needs 29+ gallons in the tank

Carnivorous - will eat small fish that will fit in their mouths (I don't have any fish that will fit in their mouths.)

Aggressive when breeding (I only purchased one to avoid this issue.)

Max size 6 inches

Tank Accessories

The light enclosed in this hood will provide the light needed for the fish to feel at home in this aquarium.

This heater will keep the water the right temperature for the fish and their environment.

I chose the 5lb Top Fin bright white aquarium gravel which is $5.50 per bag because I thought this gravel would look good with the plants I chose.  13 bags should be the right amount for fish tank.

I chose this tree foot for $20.  It should provide coverage for the fish to sleep, live and hide.

This begonia plant would provide shelter toward the top of the aquarium needed by the longfin red minor tetras.

The jungle pod is large and colorful.  I thought this accessory looked like plants from the environment of the fish I chose.


2a + 5b + c = $109.43

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