Brief Impression For FIFA 14 World Cup Brazil

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Since FIFA 14 World Cup Brazil has released for a couple of weeks, many people have experienced this new feature. So do I. Well, I have to say something about it.

World Cup is released few months before the real life football tournament. EA has once again taken advantage of its general licensing agreements with FIFA. The new game offers a re-branding of FIFA 14 with updated presentation, gameplay modes and an exclusive focus on the international competition. That is a solid experience but one short in value for a full priced product.

The Road to World Cup mode is a reduced version of manager experience. You can choose any of the nations in the game and their qualifying campaign. But this mode lacks the depth of the usual managerial mode as you are always playing with the same squad and your tasks are limited compared to club football. Longevity is what it also lacks. After you finish the campaign, the mode ends and you can only select another nation and restart.

The unique feature is that you start at the bottom of a list of national players and your performance must rise through the ranks in order to be selected for the international squad. That is interesting but lacks execution. Also there’s a competitor system as you are trying to outperform other squad players which just leads to you hogging the ball and ensuring their performances are poor for your player’s own benefit.

Story of Qualifying mode features a large number of exciting scenarios. Players are challenged to match these feats from the past few years international football. That is a fun and lengthy mode. Meanwhile, Story of Finals is also offered but locked till the kick off of the real tournament.

The biggest change comes in the form of ES Sports Talk Radio, a new offering for single player career mode. Fans can choose Andy Goldstein and Ian Darke, or Michael Davies and Roger Bennett listening to their banter and general chatter when you are navigating the menus or playing through skill games training.

All of the game’s menus have been re-branded with official WC logos . The new stadiums feature fans and flags of various countries. It offers over 200 international teams with over 7000 players, plus 19 managers.

As for as i can see, World Cup Brazil is meet with great favor but still has inadequacy not likely to influence its popularity.

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