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Carthage Report by: Destiny R.

    Carthage is very importance to Roman history. Its also known as the Punic Wars .The battles in the titanic struggle between the two powers helped forge the Roman legions and navies into the supreme fighting force in the Mediterranean. After its final defeat by Rome makes it an almost unknown quantity to most students of Roman history.

   Therefore any history of the Roman empire perhaps also needs to ask the question, who were the Carthaginians ?Here  is a brief history, which explains Rome's greatest and perhaps most mysterious enemy.

     The main cause of the war was the conflict among Carthaginian Empire and the Roman expansion. Romans were very concerned about the Carthaginian Empire expansion. Hundreds of years later after all of the death of soldiers from both sides, Rome had conquered Carthage's empire and rioted their city. It lead them to become the most powerful state of the Western Medditerranean .Rome emerged as the dominant Medditerranean power and also the most powerful cities in the classical world.