South america


country name: Brazil

Capital: Sao Paulo

Major languages: Portuguese

Location: South America

Population: 200.4 million (Average age: 30) (Life expectancy:73.62)


Major landforms:                                                                                                           Brazil is a huge country that is made up of many different landforms.

Major Cities: Sao Paulo, Rio de janeiro


Average Yearly Rainfall in Brazil is 0.014 inches (0.2 millimeters)

Average temperature in Brazil is generally hot or warm at night and during the day.


Popular music in Brazil is

samba, basso nova, MPB, sertanejo, pagoda, tropicalia, chore, maraca.

Brazilian food in brazil is cassava, guaraná, açaí, cumaru and tacacá.Also in Brazil there is many people who eat cats and dogs.

Holidays in brazil are quincenera,christmas etc.

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