Kiana Jones

Is redemption truly possible? That is, Is it possible to commit an act of genuine evil and truly recover from it?

My option: I believe that true redemption is  not possible. If a person is truly sorry and has changed from his action then they will be forgiven but it will not be forgotten.

Ray Rice, His Wife Janay Palmer and their daughter

Ray Rice

Rice Ray was suspended two games for the assult of his girlfriend (now wife). The fact that the NFL is harder on players of drug abuse rather than players that abuse their wifes sends a bad message to society about how important wife rights once again do not matter. Ray Rice say that "his action are inexcusable"  but does that make it right? Society thinks not. His sorrow may cover up his sins at the moment and he may be forgiven by his wife and his fellow Raven players. But what will happen when his daughter google searches him and sees what he did to her mom. Redemption is possiable but it will never be forgotten so how is he truly forgiven? That is the real question. Nobody is really truly forgiven because your sins are never forgotten.

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