Color Vs Energy

By Lynn.  RM19


Will a dark or light color paint on your house reduce your energy bill?


I think dark colors take more energy to heat because they don't attract as much light as the bright colors,therefore I think a light color will be better on your energy bill.



*paint color


*time of heat

Responding -

*amount of time heat stayed in house


2 shoe boxes, 2 thermometers ,1 heat lamp ,1 Large tray ,1 of each orange and dark blue Paint, Paintbrushes


Gather materials Paint two different boxes one a dark blue and one orange.Put boxes under heat lamp then turn on heat lamp.Put thermometers in the boxes.Wait for about 5 mins then check the temperature.Record temperature then do steps 5-6 again. See if your answer is right.


My hypothesis was right because the darker the house the hotter it is inside. The lighter the color of the outside of your house,the cooler it will be inside . If your house was black, it would be hotter than a house painted white.


*The reason why your energy bill is so high is when your house is a dark color it  more energy to make it brighter.

*The reason why your energy bill goes down when you paint your house a bright color and the sun touches the paint it makes the room brighter.