Reading Log for 5-12-14

                                My book is Catch That Pass! by Matt Christopher

             My Goal: To get it in on time, read 100 minutes, and spell everything correctly.

                                             Day One Chapter 4 Pages 22-32

         Jim broke Chuckies car, and now he was insisting he'd fix it. Chuckie agreed, but gave him a some stuff that worked like cement. Jim went back to his house and started fixing the car. He was putting the axle in place when his sister, Megan came in. They chatted awhile, then Jim finished. He went inside, painted it, and set it on his shelf to dry.

      On Monday, Jim had practice. They were doing a scrimmage with their team. Jim was on the defense, in the huddle with his assistant coach. They learned about an underdog play, where the linebacker(Jim) goes in and tackles the halfback before he even crosses the line of scrimmage. Jim did the play and he tackled the linebacker one yard before the line of scrimmage. They tried it again the next play, and it worked again! On the third try, the offence did a fake hand off, and then through it. It was right above Jim's head. He jumped and caught it, but then the right tackle tackled him in mid air. It felt like a chunk of lead landed on him. He heard the whistle and someone helped him up. Then the fool back walked up to Jim, with the football.          

                                         Day Two Chapter 5 Pages 32- 39

  Jim finished the remote control car and brought it back to Chuckie. Chuckie told Jim that Jim got hurt during practice and was going to quit. Jim declined, and went home.

  The next day was their game. The enemy was on their 17 yard line, and they were going to try the bulldog play. When the other team snapped the ball, Jim rushed through the line of scrimmage, and was charging at the quarterback. But he handed it off to the running back. Jim leaped over one of the enemy player, and did a face mask. Now, the enemy team was on their 2 yard line. They did bulldog again, and they lost 2 yard, and now on the 4 yard line. They bulldog again, but not with Jim. Jim stayed back, and when the quarterback through the ball, Jim intercepted it and ran all the way home.

                                         Day Three Chapter 6 Pages 39- 45

  Everyone congratulated Jim for making the touchdown, and they kicked it off. They did a couple of plays, lost and gained some yards. Then, when they did a pitch, the left end tackled him out of bounce, a personal foul. 15 yards up. The next play, they did a pass. It was soaring through the air, in between Jim and the receiver. Jim jumped and knocked it down. Coach pulled Jim out, and asked him why he didn't intercepted it,  but the coach new why: he was afraid of getting tackled. The coach said he was going to get out of that habit, one way or another.

                                         Day Four Chapter 7 Pages 45-55

  When the four minute warning came, that's when Jim came in. Jim was the middle linebacker, so eager to tackle someone. When the ball was snapped, Jim rushed in through a hole. Right after the whistle blew, Jim tackled the running back. It was a 15 yard penalty, and they had the ball on their 35. But the second quarter was over, so they kicked it off to the Cadets. The game went on, and they lost. The finale score 13-7. When Jim got home, he started eating dinner. While he was eating the phone rang. It was Bucky, and he wanted him to come over.

                                                 Day Five Chapter 8 Pages 55-65

  Jim went over to Bucky's house that night. He had a scrapbook of his older brother (and coach). Jim flipped through and found out that his coach was afraid of getting tackled when he was young. Jim said thanks and went home.

  Everyday that week they practiced, hard. They had a game on Saturday, and they wanted to win. So, they practiced like never before.  On Saturday, they versed the Saturns. Jim didn't do much, he stood in the backfield or on the sideline. They won, 10-8.

  At church on Sunday, it was very windy, coming from the south. Jim got a model airplane, and was painted it when the door opened. The wind rushed in, Jim moved his hand and knocked the paint into the heater, BOOM! It exploded, and Jim went crashing to the floor.

                                                              My Goal:

  Yes, I did meet my goal because.....   I read 100 minutes, 20 everyday. I did spell check at the end, and some names say their wrong. Finally, I did turn it in on time, I turned it in Friday morning.