Chinese Climate Change (CCC)

You may be wondering, "What's probably happening half-way across the globe?" Well, in China the 12th FYP (Five-Year Plan) being used in the Chinese government in March 2011 devotes most of its attention to energy and climate change and is in the making of a new set of goals, tasks, and policies for 2011-2015.

It may come to you as a complete shock but China surpasses the United States in carbon dioxide (CO2)  is 2002 with a record breaking 7,000 estimates million tonnes with the America's 5,800.

In 2009, fossil fuels had been measured over the short-time of summer and in 2009 China: 7,710 million tonnes (mt) (25.4%) ahead of US: 5,420 mt (17.8%), India: 5.3%, Russia: 5.2% and Japan: 3.6%.

China also has an increasing amount of greenhouse gases coming from it. About 7,220 mt (16.4%) from 2005.

"According to a statement made in The Economist in 2013, China has emitted more climate change gases from energy production than America since 2006 and by 2014-2015 China will emit twice America's total. At the present rate of development, cumulative Chinese emissions from energy production between 1990 and 2050 will equal those generated by the whole world..." ~Wikipedia

As said, by 2014-2015, China would lead the world's most CO2 concentration on the planet. Exceeding America by 2.1% tonnes.

Within a few years (give or take a decade) some of China's regions will have 50% higher malaria transmission at the constant rate.

China started at about 15,500-16,000 tons of CO2 deposits in 1990 but in an estimate of the consumption, in 2030, will have 16,000-31,100 to

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