Women's Roles

What is the role that every woman should be?

Women are now facing the problem of discovering their roles in life. Today, they are in doubt of who they should become because they feel that if they want to be a woman of the house, they are rebelling against feminist groups. Women should have the right to be whatever they like because they all have different tastes and there is always place for a woman all over the world.

In reality, the world is full of people with completely different personalities. Why should people expect to have every single woman doing the same thing and not change it for centuries? Woman all have different tastes and different views on what they want to do with their lives. In the article Gender Roles, the narrator states," Women have been to places they have never been before-entering the workforce and academia in ever-higher numbers, yes, but also historically low fertility rates, no-fault divorce, and abortion on demand." Additionally, this shows that women that are in the workforce now choose to be dedicated to whatever they want to be their lives. It is important because it proves that women are different and they should be given the choice to embrace and follow their dreams.

I was once told that if women didn't exist, civilization itself wouldn't exist either. It made me realize how true that is and how proud I am to be a woman. There is always place for women in the world. In Gender Roles, the article states," career-minded women are those who manage to have children, but also believe they can "have it all"." This is important because  woman have a place anywhere wether it is at a hospital, office, restaurant, or the home. They have set their mark on the world, by proving they can be just as good as anyone else or even better.

However, some people think women should stay in the home because it is just their place. It is just where they should be and that is wrong! Women are powerful people, and each one of them have a different talents to embrace. They have the right to get any job they wish even though some are happy to be in the house, but it isn't the choice of all of them.