By Kaylyn Smith

This is an image of the Toxoplasmosis organism,it is caused a parasite.

This parasite is known as toxoplasmosis gondii.It can be found in raw meat,cutting boards and utensils that have came in contact with the raw meat,and feces from an infected animal such as cattle and cats.

This is the cycle of Toxoplasmosis!

This is the cycle of Toxoplasmosis.This cycle can start among animals when it enters the immune system,and can infects others such as,humans.


Toxoplasmosis Causes

This organism can come from cats as shown in the video and can be very harmful to pregnant women.Not only can this organism can come from cats,but from any pet.Toxoplasmosis to cats is like a illness or infection.

This video tells us about the spread of toxoplasmosis and other diseases spread between human and animals,and that simple things we do with our pets can be harmful to the pets and humans.

I suggest if someone is pregnant and has a pet cat or any pet,choose someone else to change the litter box to prevent the spread of toxoplasmosis.If someone does get toxoplasmosis while pregnant it can affect the pregnancy.

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