Kim Jong-un

How did he come to power

Kim jong un became North Korea's supreme Leader following the death of his father Kim Jong-il on December 17,2011

The type of government

North korea is a Juche socialist single party state

Domestic priorities

Kim has vowed to focus on educational and economic reforms,including  looking at a program that would allow North Korea to work in china

Foreign policy

North Korean foreign policy after the collapse of the Eastern bloc and the Soviet Union has had the basic purpose of maintaining the present regime.

Current event

The most current event is the feud between the United States and North koreA the feud was  because there was a movie being made and in the movie Kim is being assassinated by the CIA. Due to this movie there were cyber attacks committed on sony pictures,the studio who made the movie.

Shout out

Kim Jong-un has continued the country’s nuclear testing and what is believed to be the development of missile technology despite international disapproval.



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