Mobile Apps in a Classroom

Great mobile apps to help students learn in a classroom


What is it? It is an educational app that is basically like an interactive white board on an apple device. You can animate, narrate, and create short instructional videos and share them with the class.

How to use it in the Classroom? The teacher can create an online classroom on this app students can join and access all the videos shared onto. Students are able to create short videos to demonstrate their knowledge of the course content. This creates a fun environment where students are able to be creative and have fun editing their own personal videos.


What is it? It is an organizational tool to help students take notes and keep all their schoolwork in check. Students can take down notes, collect web articles, do homework on, and they can even use it as an agenda!

How to use it in the Classroom? In your classroom, students can take notes using this app. It helps students keep their notes nice and organized. Another great feature of this app is that it will save all your work onto it so a student won't lose their notes. It is great for creating and doing presentations with.


What is it? This tool would be used for lower level teachings such as K-3. This is a digital story-telling app in which students can create their own personal story. This app is only available for apple products.

How to use it in the Classroom? Students can each get an iPad. From there, they can use their imagination and create their own stories. The students are able to draw, animate, and share their digital stories with other students. This app comes with cartoon stickers that a student can incorporate into their stories as characters, backgrounds. If students find reading boring or difficult, this would be an excellent way help them overcome this barrier.

What it looks like: The video down below shows us how easy and fun Toontastic can be. It also show us how a student can bring out their imagination with this great app!

3d Cell

What is it? This app is great for teaching high school Biology. Students can learn about the cell and all its internal structures. This app is designed by a professional group of scientists who all know everything there is to know about cell biology (we know that the information given from this app would be correct).

How to use it in the Classroom? When the cell biology topic comes up, teachers can use this app to help their students know and visualize the different parts of the cell. Students are able to explore a 3D cell. When they tap on a part of the cell such as the golgi apparatus, the app will immediately gives them animations and information on what it does by telling them that it is the packaging center in a cell. By having this app, the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners will all be reached because the app shows, tells, and reads to the students.

What it looks like: 3D cell shows students where all the structures are in a cell and on the side, a students can choose how they want to learn (videos, reading, or listening).


What is it? It is a mind mapping app. It helps organize student's thoughts, ideas, and note taking. Mindo is great for students who have trouble organizing their work.

How to use it in the Classroom? Students can brainstorm ideas with it, create concept maps, take notes with, goal set, etc. This app is also able to import and export form email, create PDF's with, and students can drag and drop images from other websites onto it to help out with a student's mind mapping.

What it looks like: The video below shows how easy Mindo makes mind mapping.

Math Ref

What is it? It is an educational math app which is based on high school math, physics and a little bit of chemistry. It has hundreds of mathematical formulas, figures, and examples. It also can perform common calculations such as unit conversions, quadratic calculations, and triangle solving. A great thing about this app is that it has examples of how to use the formulas and it tells students what each variable represents.

How to use it in the Classroom? Students can use this app to help them with doing math/physics/chemistry questions. If they aren't sure with how to use an equation or what variables represent in an equation, they can easily figure out their questions from this app. This will also help them with homework because when they take it home, they won't be left completely in the dark because the app can help them understand the course material.

What it looks like: This app is organized into different mathematical sections so it is easy to find a specific equation.

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