Samantha Moriarty

The souls of those taken by Makhleb

Long, long ago...

In the city of Insontis (latin for innocent) there lived two Gods. The two Gods, brothers Makhleb and Clarus, lived in peace and harmony among the Insontian people. The two Brother Gods lived happily and had never had any great conflicts. The Insontian people's homes were located on a small island infested with many creatures and a monstrous volcano that's shadow overlooked the city. One day a large ugly monster emerged from the shore of the island. Viprus, the sea serpent had come to reek havoc on the towns people and the fishermen who desperately tried to feed the people of their community. Clarus and Makhleb knew they had to stop Viprus before he started to kill innocent people. The brothers decided to swim out into the ocean and face Viprus with their own strength and teamwork. Mekhleb's and Clarus's travel into the open sea took a turn for the worse when a large storm came. Mekhleb tried to care for his younger brother and helped him keep afloat and save his strength so that when they reached Viprus they could defeat him. In the time of the battle, Mekhleb was working hard and piercing the serpent with his sword until Clarus came with the final hit. People watched this horrific scene from the shore and pronounced Clarus as the victor.

This was troubling to Mekhleb because he was the one who fought the most. Instead of being proud of Mekhleb, they shamed him for being "weak". Instead, they showered his brother in presents and glorified him with jewels, treasures and even a palace. Mekhleb was no longer one of the beloved Gods of Insons Insontis. He was now an outcast and felt no place in the city. He tried over and over again to gain the attention of his people but they just shamed him more. Mekhleb was furious with his brother and how he was not recognized for his action. The jealousy bubbled inside him and eventually he snapped.

He hiked to the top of Mount Aduro, home of the island's largest volcano. It was there that he preached to the demons in hell and swore that vengeance would be taken on all the suffering and pain his brother and the people of Insontis had put him through. The Demons of Hell lived within the deep pits of the Volcano and would give powers to Mekhleb in order to seek revenge from his greedy brother. From that point on, Mekhleb would travel down into the villages of the city and burn houses down and take the people from inside. Then he would take them to his lair in the volcano and put their souls into the lava pit. The trapped souls hoping to reach out from their hole made Mekhleb into a monster. For the more souls he gave to the demons of the underworld, the more he changed into a dark and evil being.

For thousands of years, Mekhleb grew into a grand demon and ruled over the volcano. His brother decided to take refuge with some of the townspeople and knew that his brother needed to be stopped. When Clarus went to talk to his brother, there was no civil conversation. The two refused to come to terms with what they had done wrong and would go to war before anyone would listen to the other. From this encounter would come the greatest and longest war between a family. The two Gods were divided from greed and jealousy and nothing would ever be the same again...

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