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What is Gun Control??

The Amendment that most people pretain to when the topic of Gun Control comes up is the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment states that one has the right to bear arms. Someone who is for Gun Control may argue that this is only the case if the person owning the gun is stable enough to own it, they are not doing harm and have no felonie charges against them. This would be when the Brady Bill may come into play. The Brady Bill has two parts. Only the Brady Bill two is into place currenty in place. Others who are against gun control are the ones that would strongly use the second admendment. Some other arguments that would be used in there offense would be that not all people use guns for violence some also use guns for protection and defending them selfs. Down below is an article the involves a gun being fired as a Mayor starts talking about Gun Control.

NATIONALNYC shooting: Firing starts as Mayor Bloomberg talks gun controlAugust 24, 2012 | By Rene LynchNew York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was decrying gun violence in America on a local radio show Friday morning shortly before a gunman opened fire outside the Empire State Building.     The stunning coincidence occurred as Bloomberg was making his weekly Friday appearance on   the John Gambling Show   on WOR radio, which runs from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.     Shortly after 9 a.m., a man who officials said had been fired from his job in a shop outside the Empire State Building returned to the scene,   shot dead   a former co-worker and then opened fire on police officers in a chaotic, rush-hour gunfight.

My stance on the issue is that i strongly support Gun control. I support Gun Control because many reasons for the use of guns is for violence but i do respect those who are against Gun control.

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