Frankenstein Vocabulary

Bailey Hicks

obsession- the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistant idea, image, or desire

The boy had a great obsession with chocolate ice-cream.

Syn.-passion Ant.-hate

Example- I have an obsession for softball

Agitate- to move or force into violent, irregular action

The dog was agitated because the baby kept pulling his tail.

Syn.- disturb Ant.- not bother

Example- The girl pushed the


Toiled- hard and continuos work; exhausting labor effort

The man did toiled work because he missed a day of work.

Syn.-work Ant.- lazy

Example- Construction worker

Grotesque- odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre

The man was grotesque when he was wheeled out of the car accident.

Syn.- eerie Ant.- pretty

Example- A ferret

Feverish- excited, restless, or uncontrolled, as if from fever

The boy was feverish because his birthday is tomorrow.

Syn.- hectic Ant.- calm

Example- passing drivers ed

Convulsive-of the nature of or characterized by convulsions or spasms

If you convulsed then you probably had a seizure.

Syn.- hazardous Ant.- peaceful

Example- having a seizure

Devoured- to consume destructively, recklessly

The man devoured the hamburger in 30 minutes.

Syn.- absorb Ant.- Create

Example- hot dog eating contest

Anatomy- the science dealing with the structure of animals, humans, and plants

In science class we study the anatomy of a flower.

Syn.- biology Ant.- connection

Example- dissecting a frog

Gnarled- having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance

The homeless man had gnarled clothes.

Syn.- rough Ant.- nice

Example- a homeless man

Shunned- to keep away from because of dislike or caution

The boy shunned his friend because he lied about him.

Syn.- ignore Ant.- love

Example- ignoring my friend because she is mean

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