Police Brutality

Why are police so aggressive?Why be so aggressive to innocent people?

For Example

Eric Garner,43, dies after being held in a choke hold. Eric was accused of selling loose cigarettes on the corner, when police officers were about to use aggression Eric held his hands up and said " Don't touch me". Seconds later an officer came from behind the 350 pound man and put him in an illegal choke hold and pulled him down to the side walk. He repeatedly said " I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" but the officers didn't listen and Eric died on July 7, 2014. The officer did not have any charges pressed against him. Days later people started protesting that they wanted justice for Eric Garner, and that the officer should be in jail for the illegal choke hold.

This is a picture of people protesting for Eric Garner.

A Question

Why did the police officer not get pressed charges? A deputy chief of homicide for the Brooklyn District Attorney's office, Callan said "a choke hold does not violate state law but is prohibited by NYPD guidelines on excessive force."

My Opinion

The police officer should have never used aggressiveness like a choke hold, he could have at least pinned him down but to use a choke hold is just too much. The officer should have charges pressed against him for killing Eric Garner, but then again it is kind of Eric's fault because he should have never resisted and should have just got arrested and got the whole thing over with. So, in conclusion I guess you can say that it was both of their faults. People can say its Eric's fault but I think its both of their faults.


Back then police killed people for no reason and were aggressive. What we are learning in class is that people were tortured and were slaves. They didn't have police back then but they had conquerors and explorers who killed people.