Anti-Bullying Posters

* The group did a good job filling up the poster

* All wording and symbol placements helps to make the poster attractive and stand out

* Shows decent artistic ability with the iconic bronco logo and pair of horseshoes

* Promotes the idea that our students here at BHS don't tolerate bullying and that Burrillville High School is a bully-free zone

* The group does fill up the poster board, but that is mainly because of the large font size they use in their wording

* No signs of great artistic ability are provided in the poster

* Seems as though the group didn't put their full effort into the poster as it lacks symbols, colorfulness and appears very bland

* Message is somewhat controversial and unclear because the bronco horseshoe is used as a "U" in the word "Bully", which may mistake viewers (like myself)

* The group did a good job filling up the poster

* The poster is glamorous because of the font & color, included with the red stripes and Uncle Sam symbol

* Reveals good artistic abilities with the Uncle Sam symbol

* The message is ironic and in a way humorous to those that are familiar with the Uncle Sam adverisements, yet the message is clear and shows opposition to bullying

* Poster is very colorful , which does make it seem attractive

* Poster shows great artistic ability

* Though the poster displays good qualities, the picture is very controversial. Though the group's message is to stop bullying, it doesn't help that Batman is grabbing a bully's shirt, which could make viewers see Batman as a bully also and make then question the poster in general

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