Natalia Lesz

Natalia Lesz – Popular Polish Singer, Actress & Dancer

Natalia Lesz is a popular Polish singer, actress and dancer. The 32-year-old entertainer moved to Los Angeles, CA from Warsaw, Poland, in 2008 to start working on her first studio album. Lesz teamed up with 6-time Grammy Award winning producer Glen Ballard, 30-year veteran producer and current Vice Chair of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences John Poppo, Multi Grammy Nominated producer Greg Wells, and accomplished music producers/songwriters Healther Holly and Rob Hoffman. This powerhouse collaboration launched Natalia’s music career, when her hit single “Power of Attraction” from her self-titled debut album premiered at #24 on the Billboard Music Charts the following year.

Natalia Lesz’s early success in the entertainment business achieved global attention when she performed on major stages in the US and Europe. She has opened for French Jazz/Pop artist Patricia Kass and British-Lebanese Pop star Mika. Her most notable performance was opening for Celine Dion, in her 2011 “Taking Chances” tour. Natalia is also a triple threat; she has appeared in numerous popular Polish television shows and series, and was later tapped as a celebrity contestant for the Eighth Season of the Polish Dancing with the Stars where she placed second.

Natalia is a multi talented singer, actress, and dancer from Warsaw, Poland. Lesz is also a vocal humanitarian activist, and is currently a spokesperson for an international campaign, promoting tourism in Georgia. She has received an honorary citizenship from Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili for her contributions Learn more about Natalia Lesz here:

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