Freaky Fast Frankie Joe

Do you want a good book to read I suggest Freaky Fast Frankie. Also if you are a kind of reader that like s books with a lot of excitement and if you like realistic fiction it even more perfect for you. Also I enjoy this book because it has a little bit of a twist at the end but you are going to have to read the book to find out.

By Lutricia Clifton

Why to read?

The PLot

To begin with the whole plot of the story is amazing its all about a boy named Frankie Joe and his mother is going to jail from a bad deed she have did. Sadly his partners are not together anymore. So with that being said Frankie Joe has to go stay with his dad that has 4 other kids that he does not know. Also his dad  got married again. But Frankie Joe does not like it so he plots a plan to go back to Texas but first he has to get money. So he starts a delivery severs to buy supply's for his journey home.

The Charters

Also I think you need to find out who the most important characters in the story. But the main  charter is Frankie Joe he is the one who holds the whole story together. Also his dad gets  married to a girl named Lizzie that he does not know about. Also he has 4 step brothers name are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Also he does make one friend in school named Mandy. But not all of the Characters help him out on his journey back home our even fitting in or even at the house.

Also the setting is really important in the story too. The setting starts in Dallas Texas where Frankie Joe lives with his Mom in a trailer house. But when his mom goes to jail he has to go all the way to Illinois where his dad lives. Also he goes to a school that is in Springfield Illinois with his brothers and is in the some grade as Matthew. Last when he delivery he ends up going to many place in Illinois. Also when Frankie Joe travel to the people  he is delivery to he goes almost 2 miles out to the county. Also his dad almost did not let him go.

The Setting


Will Frankie Joe make it back home to Texas or will he end up staying with his dad and  read Freaky Fast Frankie Joe to find out what happens.