Obama's Hypocritical Decision

By: Braxton Hicks


Subject- Obama's decision to send young American soldiers to West Africa while there is a disease pandemic.

Occasion- To inform everyone what bad decisions Obama is making.

Audience- The Democrat and Chronicle news publish, and to the American citizens.

Purpose- To expose that Obama is sending over young American citizen troops, while deadly diseases are plaguing West Africa.

Speaker- An American citizen named Duncan Hills

Ethos- The speaker is a man named Duncan Hills who is credible because he is an American citizen. He shares values with other American citizens and he can defiantly be credited by the family members of the young soldiers who are being sent to a disease plagued country by Obama.

Pathos- American troops are being deployed by Obama to a country with deadly diseases, that being bad for the soldiers and their families, but bad for all of Americans as they might bring back disease. Duncan is arguing that Obama is crazy if he thinks he should deploy American troops over to West Africa.

Logos- The average fatality rate of one of the major disease (Ebola) is 90% without crucial treatment; and Obama is putting American troops in danger because the treatment in Africa is not good. Ebola is spread through fluid which is everywhere, which puts American troops in immense danger.

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3 years ago