During the late 1300's the Inca's were just a small community in the city of Cuzco. In the 1440's the Inca's were under the leadership of Pachacuti, he helped them launch a campaign of conquest. This campaign helped them become a well-organized, militaristic empire with a highly structured society. The Inca's are just one of many that will shape the world we live in today.


Ancient Inca Map


Inca civilization timeline

What were their cities like?

The Incan empire capital city of Cuzco is shown above. Inca civilizations built their cities to blend in with the landscape around them. Built to protect, built to last, the cities had no walls but a fortress built beside it. Cities were built around a central plaza. Nobles decorated their house & doors with gold, silver, and shiny things.

How did they dress?

Dress was very important to the Inca's. Cotton and wool were often used to make clothes. Garments were usually always wore (they covered the whole body) & often a belt was wore around the waist to insure that the garment would stay in place.

What kind of gods did they believe in?

The Inca's were polytheistic, which means their people believed in many gods.

What did their warriors look like?

Incan warriors were very proud warriors. They usually carried a wooden club or a bow & arrow. Incan warriors practiced all the time to insure that they would be the best warriors they could be. Their greatest weapon was the belief that the gods were on their side.

How many people lived in their city?

Throughout a time span of 100 years the Inca empire grew to 12 million people.

What did they eat?

The Incas were always sure to dine on potato, sweet potatoes, maize, and amaranth. Potatoes were very important to them and almost considered holy. HAHA

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