Susanne Bowser

Pictures from magazines, hole punch, cold press illustration board and mod podge. The picture took 2 weeks and had to search through magazines to get all the colors I needed to make the picture.

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  • Maps (ones you can cut!)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, with eraser
  • Ruler or straight-edge
  • 1  piece cardstock, 8 x 10"
  • Yarn or twine, 10-12 feet long
  • Hole punch, small


1. Use ruler and pencil to draw an isosceles triangle on the cardstock. Cut out the cardstock triangle. You will use this piece as your pattern.

2. Trace the cardstock triangle shape onto one of your maps. Cut the triangle shape out of the map. Use the eraser to clean up pencil lines remaining on the cut-out.

3. Repeat trace, cut and clean. Create at least 20 triangles out of map paper.

4. Use hole punch to make two holes on the short side of each triangle. Punch holes on the same short side for all triangles.

5. Thread yarn through one hole in triangle and out the other. Make sure all triangles have map-side up and to spread triangles evenly across length of yarn.

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2 years ago

very cute!