Ásatrú (AHS-ah-troo)

“Belief in the Gods” or “allegiance to the deities”

It was a religion that was developed by the ancient norse/vikings some 40,000 years of more ago (before prehistory). It has started to pick up again with new followers in various groups around the world.

there are no holy books but there are books that contain sacred lore in the forms of myths and examples of right of conduct

Odinism - specifies with the worship of odin and his close family

Vanuatrú - (those who honour the Vanir)

Dísitrú - (those who honour the Goddesses)

Polytheistic (Odin, Frigga, Tyr, Thor, Sif, Frey, Freyja, Heimdal, and Balder)

  • Blot - Offerings to the gods (it used to be an animal but now its more common for it to be mead or some other alcoholic beverage)
  • Sumbel - (ritual drinking celebration) when beowulf came to hrothgar this is the same ritual they performed
  • Jul (20-31 December)
  • Thurseblot (Thors Feast: Full Moon of January)
  • Disting (2 February)
  • Valisbolt (14 February)
  • Ostara (20-21 March)
  • Walpurgis / Thrimilci (22 April - 1 May)
  • Einherjar (30 May)
  • Sigurdsblot (9 June)
  • Midsummer (20-21 June)
  • Lithasblot (31 July - 1 August)
  • Harvest End <Mabon> (22-33 September)
  • Winternights (29 October - 2 November)

Norse / Viking symbols

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