Everything you need to know about Chromebooks!

Hi my name is Addison. Today I am going to tell you all about the Chromebook after your done I am sure you are going to want to buy one. So lets start!

                                                 Chromebook Instructions

I am going to help you setup your Chromebook. First I want you to get your Chromebook with two hands because they are very fragile. Then I want you to open up your  Chromebook carefully. Then you are going to put in your username and password and you do have a new username so if you don’t know it you should write it down or just ask the teacher but this is an example bdri6434 for your username but remember that is just an example so do not use the one I showed as an example. So after you did that hit the login button on the screen. After that it might have these words that come up that means that you need to put the letters in the box below in the same order, they are just making sure you are not a robot. There is going to be a paragraphs in front of you and you are going to scroll down till you hit the end and click in the box that says I agree to the terms and policies of a Chromebook, you do not have to read it though. Then something is going to pop up that says password and you will put your capital L lowercase p lowercase s password and every time you log off or open your Chromebook you will have to put your password in. Then these pictures pop up and you click the camera and take a profile picture looking at the camera above. After that something is going to pop up and say either save or use this photo and say yes if you like it if not then click redo or cancel. After that if you want to have a different background click in the bottom right hand corner then click on settings then click on set wallpaper then pictures will come up and pick the one you want as long as it is appropriate. Now I am going to teach you how to make a tab. So go to the chrome sign then go to the webpage that you want to make a bookmark on, then hit the star in the address bar which the address bar it the one where you put the website in then you are going to left hand abbreviate or put it into a shorter name then hit done and it will come up under your address bar. And that is how you make a tab. Now you are going to exit out of that, then go to the first thing on the bottom in the left hand corner it is called apps click on that. Click and drag your Google Doc to the bottom last left hand corner. Now click on the Google Doc triangle then hit the create button and hit document and then go up to the top right hand corner and there should be a share button and write down the name of the person who you would want to share your document with. The button on your keyboard that has a volume noise thing that is where you turn up or down your volume. The button on your keyboard with a sun, is to make it brighter. That is a few steps I want to share see if you can find more things out.                                                                                                                  

                                                     Chromebook Accessory's

The Chromebook is so light so it is very easy to carry around. The Chromebook is silver and is very smooth. The keyboard on the Chromebook is a nice size it fits our hands really good. On the Chromebook the only internet source is Google Chrome. It is nice instead of putting all our data in our data binders we make spreadsheets or documents to keep our data in. In Math we use Think Central to watch the steps on the video or we do test . We also use Chromebooks for Google Classroom and Typing Club and also Blogger. So over all the Chromebook was a good buy from The Liberty Public Schools.

                                                               Cause and Effects Of Chromebooks

I hit someone with a Chromebook therefore I got my Chromebook got taken away or I went to the principal’s office. I didn't zip bag fully so I picked my bag up then my Chromebook fell out of my bag and broke. I accidentally left my Chromebook on the floor so someone accidentally stepped on the Chromebook. Because I left my pencil in my Chromebook I shut the lid then my screen cracked. Because I forgot to sign out of my Chromebook the Chromebook didn't have much battery left when I got to school. When I was listening to you tube music the teacher caught me so I had to lose my privileges of working with music on. I stayed on a page with bad pictures on it that led to me having to clip down. Since I was spending all my time finding a wallpaper it led to Mrs. Gray picking a plain background. Since I was switching my music every song that came up that led to Mrs. Gray picking a station. Since I accidentally spilled water on my Chromebook that led to my Chromebook being ruined. When I was supposed be writing I was changing by font and color and Mrs. Gray caught me so that led to me clipping down.


On the Chromebook you use Google drive instead of notes, while on an iPad you use notes. On a Chromebook you have a camera only on the front on the other hand the iPad has a camera on the front and the back. On the Chromebook you just push the sun to make the screen brighter but on the iPad you have to go through settings click on the brightness and wallpaper and drag it to the brightness that you want. On the Chromebook you have to click the profile picture then click sign out to power off the difference with the iPad is you have to hold down the power button and it will say slide to power off so slide to power off.

They both show how much your battery they have.They both have to go to settings to change their wallpaper. They both have a app store. They both have a music store. They both have a calculator. They both have a camera. They both have mail. They both have a calendar. They both can make the screen brighter. They can both turn up or turn down the sound through a button. They both have you tube. They both tell time.

                                                    Troubleshooting on Chromebooks  

I can’t get any WiFi on my Chromebook oh no. These are a few steps to get WiFi on your Chromebook. First try to click on the refresh button on your keyboard or the one on your screen. If that doesn't work then look at your WiFi bars and if it has an x on it then you are going to click on a network that you don’t have to put a password into it. Say if I my Chromebook is not charging. Then check if the light is on if not check and see if the plug to the computer is in all the way. If not then check and see if the plug is all the way into the outlet. Say if your sound isn't working then see if your headphones are broken. Then see if the sound is all the way up. If not then try and hit the play button to make sure it is playing. Say I lost my file then check in all of your folders and see if there in any of them. Then check in your trash. If it is not in there then you check in the search bar.

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