Colombian and Venezuelan Culture

By: Shreya Tamma :)


About 90% of Venezuela's population is Roman Catholic, and the other 10% is Protestant.

Most of Colombia's population is Roman Catholicism.

This is a place of worship in Venezuela.

Holidays and Celebrations

Major holidays in Venezuela include:

Mardi Gras, Holy Week, and the Birth of Simon Bolivar

Major Holidays in Colombia include:

Children's Day, All Saint's Day, and the Riosucio Carnival

This is Mardi Gras being celebrated in Venezuela.

These are lit candles at All Saint's Day in Colombia.

Music and Dance

Venezuela is mostly known for its salsa and merengue. These dances have been greatly influenced by the costumes, traditions, and religious beliefs.

Cumbia is a type of dance and music that is very common in Colombia. Cumbia's rhythm comes from the drums, while the melody comes from the flute.

This is a video of Venezuelan merengue dancing:


Although the Colombian cuisine is very diverse, wherever you go in the country, you will find fresh fruit available almost anywhere! Some other popular dishes include Lechona (a fish dish), Tamales (cooked and filled corn dough), and Arepa (a type of bread).

The Venezuelan is very similar to the Colombian cuisine. Their most popular dish is Arepa (also found in Colombia as mentioned above), and some other dishes are Empanadas (deep-fried, stuffed corn flour patties), and Tequeño (a popular party food made of a stick of fried dough filled with white cheese).

These are delicious Tequeños...


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