The Drop Of Honey !!!

Once Upon A Time there was a king who had his breakfast
with his trusted minister daily The king loved to eat puffed rice and some sweet honey daily sitting in his one of the most beautiful balcony, from where he could see down the markets on the streets.
One day while the king was having his breakfast a drop of honey fell to his balconies edge.

after some time a bird came and made the drop of honey her break fast.
A gecko came and made the bird his breakfast when he got a chance. when the cat saw the gecko so definitely she was also hungry so she ran to make the gecko her breakfast.while the cat was trying hard to catch her prey she had realized that because of her a tired and sleepy dog was awake while he was resting.after sometime the cat and the dog started fighting furiously.
when the people and the owners saw that the animals are fighting they left the stalls and ran to stop the animals . when the minister saw the situation so he reminded the king to stop the fight, the king just ignored the minister and started talking about the daily affairs.when the owners realized that the animals were out of control so they hit each other and fought.
the dog owner hit the cat owner on his face so in return the cat owner hit the dog owner with the piece of wood. the minister was restless and informed the king , the king was irritated and ignored him again. after some time the situation grew even worse and the friends and families came,cheered and took sides ,when the situation was out of control so armies were called and at first took action but after some time they also stood back,because one of them was even killed.

Days after the situation of the town was worst , the palace set on fire
and the town was burnt into pieces, the king realizes that it was all his mistake ,whether it was small or big,just because a drop of honey the situation of the town was weird.

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