What a Disease!

A Short Poem on HIV and AIDS

You hide silently in one’s body fluids

And make people’s lives fall into ruins.

Once you have affected someone,

Your battle is already won.

What a disease!

Like a thunderstorm in the middle of spring,

You come at our door without warning.

Through sexual intercourse, drug injection,

Breastfeeding or blood transmission.

What a disease!

Because of you our bodies can’t fight,

So every illness becomes a threat.

Because of you we can’t see the light,

You’re one of the leading causes of death.

What a disease!

For each minute that ticks on the clock,

Five more persons suffer because of you.

Five more persons are left in shock,

Since they will have to live with you.

What a disease!

From you we can not flee,

No treatment, no cure, no remedy

All there is left is hope that someday

We will live in a world where you’re far, far away.

What a disease!

Not many viruses have your title,

The one to be incurable.

In front of you we feel helpless,

To try to stop you might seem worthless.

What a disease!

For those who aren’t affected by this sickness,

We all have to raise awareness.

Let them know life isn’t always beautiful,

Let them know they have to be careful.

What a disease!

And for all of those who are born with the illness,

Those whose lives seem hopeless.

We must all stand together and pray,

That someday it will all go away.

What a disease!

Maybe we can’t find a cure today,

But small actions can go a long way.

Actions like safe sex and AIDS education

In each small, or large nation.

What a disease!


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