Technology in Health Care

By Ryan Pierce

The use of modern cutting edge technology has sparked one of the biggest revolutions in the field of health care since the first immortal cell line, HeLa, was grown in 1953.

Another example of how technology has directly affected medical care is shown in this picture. A doctor is performing a medical procedure completely hands free using a computer. Surgeons across the world have started to use robotic arms and other robotic tools during surgery for many reasons. They can cut much more precisely than a human doctor can and do it repeatedly without getting tired.  

An example of how technology has revolutionized health care is how surgeons treat heart attacks or other blood clots. Doctors are able to slide an extremely small tube with a balloon and a camera on it through the veins in the leg up to the heart, and stretch out the blockage allowing blood to flow through.  

One of the best new medical creations is the Microchip called lung on a chip. It is a microscopic chip with human lung cells coated on one side and a channel underneath it for blood flow. It can replicate the actual life like motions of a human lung. This chip can be used to test new drug treatments and even eliminate the use of animal testing for drugs.  

Technology has lead to so many more innovative practices that it is impossible to fit them all into one TACKK poster. As time progresses there will be even more new technologies to influence the medical field.

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