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Math 42

Students from Grade 5 - Grade 12

Can show step by step solutions to complex problems, recommend tips, evaluate your progress and then test your knowledge. It can solve equations, graph and perform statistics.

In the reviews of this app users are most happy with the step by step solutions they receive where other apps or sites would just give the answer.

In a math class you could have students correct there answers using this app so that they can see the steps in the solution and where they might have gone wrong.

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Prompts - For Writers

This app provides random prompts to writers to give them inspiration. They can generate a new prompt if they do not like  the one they got and they can share their creations with the share tool.

This could be used in an English class where you want students to practice their writing. It gives them a random topic and they are not restricted to a teachers prompt. This also allows the students to think outside the box as everyone in the class will have a unique piece.


Teachers can connect and manage all the devices of their classroom. They can send assessments, collaboration activities or even note file.

A great feature is that students can work at their own pace and complete the work as their needs permit.

A teacher could use this in the classroom to distribute an assignment in which the receive steps to an assignment. You could manage it though so that they only receive one step at a time and you don't send the next file till it is complete.

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The Human Body

A great interactive app for students to learn about the human body. It has sounds for different body parts. There is also a recording feature that allows you to be able to ask and answer questions.

This would obviously be used in studying the body. A teacher could select one body part per group to become an 'expert' on and then they could present that to the class.

Apple Inc., 2014 May 30,2014


Students can use this in Science/Chemistry to view 3D models of molecules. It is great for learners to rotate and see what the physical composition looks like.

A teacher could use this app as a quiz to test if students can identify molecules or part of the molecule.

Apple Inc. 2014 Retrieved May 30, 2014

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