Branding Yourself

Welcome to the "Branding Yourself" session at the YES! Leadership Academy.

About the Presenter

Mr. Da'Quan Marcell Love, a Hampton University alumnus, teaches American History, Sociology and Civics & Economics at Northampton County High School. Named a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction, daily Mr. Love combines rigor, culture and relevance to provide engaging instruction for each student.

“Each day I walk into my classroom, I aim to fulfill my professional goal of becoming a visionary teacher who engages each student in high quality instruction. For me, that is more than a mantra, it is my marching order for pushing my students to the pinnacle of success.” -Mr. Love

Social Media Discussion Questions

Answer the following questions after reading your partner's social media page

1. What is your first impression of your partner's twitter page?

2. If you were considering hiring your partner for a job, explain how your partner's twitter page would impact your decision.

3. What can your partner do to improve their social media page?

Personal Branding

Click the link below to describe what your brand is, in 20 words or less

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