Princess Diana

made by Katilyn C.
Biography Project for Mrs.Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class

Diana was born on July 1,1961. She died August 31,1997.

         Significant Events in History that were going on During the Person's Life

  • Diana's parents divorced and her dad getting custody of her and her siblings.
  • Diana married Prince Charles, but later got a divorce.
  • Diana having her sons William and Harry (Henry).
  • Diana worked with people who had aids.
  • Diana also spoke out against landmines which won a Noble Peace prize after she died.   

                         Diana's Childhood

As a young child, Diana was the youngest child in her family.Diana's parents got a divorce and her and her siblings had to live with their father because their father got custody.Diana went to many schools when she was younger. Diana's first job she got was being a nanny. Diana had a good childhood she seen both parents and was with all her sibling, and she also would try new things out like the different school,and also the different jobs.

                 People Who Influenced Diana Life

  • William and Harry (Diana's children)- They inspired Diana to help children who are in need of help and who don't have loving families.
  • Prince Charles (Diana's ex-husband)- He inspired her to not be in a marriage that is not completely about each other or that you need to have things in common or it won't work out,because he was not that nice to Diana and they did not have that much in common.

                            Unique facts

  • Diana worked as a dance instructor for young children but had to take 3 months of work off because of a ski accident.
  • Diana was involved in over 100 different charities.


  • Diana worked with victims of Aids/Hives.
  • Diana spent time in hospitals with very ill people and she did not tell anyone that she was going to do that.
  • Diana played a very important role in the international campaign to ban landmines.
  • After Diana's death her speaking out against landmines won a Nobel Peace prize.

             The theme of Diana's life was......

Diana's theme of the story is that persistence pays off the reason I picked this theme is because she helped with all the charities. Diana also visited the sick people and she also spoke out against landmines. From Diana doing all that stuff she put a smile on peoples face and made the people very happy.

     Diana's words of advice and what she taught me........

  • "She was absolutely wonderful, the Americans loved her, she liked the Americans" (306).I picked this advice because she did not any like her own country she loved Everyone's country and this kind of means like love everything in life not just what is about you.
  • " The trip to Chicago to raise money for Brest cancer treatment was a great success"(306).I picked this advice because she was in all those charities and she helped people and that made them happy so helping people other than yourself will help them and will make them happier.

What I learned about Diana's life was that helping people when they needed the help was worth it.That having many chariots, visiting sick people about to die will make them happy because you care. I also learned that you don't have to marry a prince to act like a princess should because she acted like a princess before and after her marriage. The most important thing I learned was making other people happy will also make yourself happy.

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