My Demography

Region: Both my parents grew up in Logansport, Indiana. After they attended college and got married my parents moved back to Logansport, where I also grew up. Logansport is located in the Midwest Rust Belt. The Rust Belt includes states in the Midwest once known for their industrial output that have seen factories close and have experienced relatively high unemployment.

Occupation: My father has had several engineering jobs in and around Logansport but is currently the Principle Electrical Engineer at Summit EMS where he works on circuit boards. My mother held several jobs in hospitals, schools, and Big Brother Big Sister before I was born.  After I was born, she decided to be a stay at home mom. She currently works part time as a substitute teacher. Because my mother did not substitute teach until recently, she spent a lot of time with me throughout my childhood. There was not a need for babysitters or daycare.

Education: After receiving his high school diploma in 1983, my father went to Purdue University. After one year, he dropped out and joined the Navy. After serving 6 years, he went back to Purdue and majored in Software Engineering. My mother graduated high school in 1982 and attended Butler University right away to major in Psychology. Because my parents have a strong educational background it is important for me to also receive a strong education and go to college.

Environment: Logansport is considered rural (a sparsely populated small town, associated with farming). Logansport is surrounded by farmland, has a small population of about 19 thousand, and does not attract a large amount of visitors or tourists.

Race: My parents and I are Caucasian.

Ethnicity: My father's side of the family is originally Irish and my mother has some Dutch and German heritage. However, both sides of my family have been in America for several generations. My father grew up catholic and my mother was the daughter of a protestant minister so I grew up knowing the beliefs of both. My parents and I speak English as a first language.

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