Goal kepping

By cole

Goal Keeping


  This book is going to tell you all you need to know about being a goalie. I will tell you how to save a corner kick shot, a penalty shot, how to do a goal kick, also the equipment you need, and about how to save a shot that is over your head.


   The equipment you need depends on your level of soccer. For six-ten year olds 6-12 dollars would have good equipment. For 10-13 year olds 20 dollars or more would have good equipment.  

Close up shots

  To save close up shots you don’t want to turn your head, you need to be willing to let the ball hit you anywhere. You need to be low because when you your running up there if they shoot your body will block the ball. You also need to have your hands stiff and almost touching the ground. If the shooter still hasn’t shot yet pick up the ball wall he is dribbling      

Penalty kicks

      When someone on your team fouls somebody on the other team in the goal box then there is a penalty kick. The thing is on the penalty kick you don’t know where the ball is going, but if you look at the kickers’ waist it will tell you where the ball is going. The ref will tell you to stay on the line the kicker kicks the ball.

Goal kicks

      For goal kicks you want to get the ball high and to the sideline. To get the ball high you want to get an angle on the ball. When you kick the ball you want to try to get your foot to go under the ball and lift it up.

Over your head shots

       If it’s a hard shot that’s over your head you want to make your hand in a fist and try to punch it out. If it’s a soft shot that is over your head you want to try to grab it, but if it’s a shot that you can’t catch then you want to try to punch the ball over the goal.

Corner Kicks

    This is the last think you need to know about goal keeping how to save a corner kick. First you yell get on the goal side. Then you yell at them to get on the front post and back post. If the ball comes anywhere near you catch or pick up the ball.

      The most important thing about goal keeping is if you get scored on don’t put your head down.