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Roman army

In the roman army people from Rome had to be a soldier they didn't get to pick to go to army they had to fight they went in the army for 25 years they didn't get to see there family. In the army when they trained they had to run for 300 kalomiters and when they trained fighting they had to use twice as much weight than a normal sword and sheild  because when they fight it would be way more easier to fight with because it was lite and because all that training they were really good fighters. They were sandals because it really hot and sandals have a lot of space for air to go through. Some of the fighters had small swords it is because when they went close to the people they would just stab them than get get there sword out quickly than stab someone else and than just keep going around and stabbing everyone and that was pretty smart to do but even smarter they had a spear not just any spear it had a kook on the end and when it stabbed them it wouldn't be able to come out so they just died and if they through spear and it missed it would hit the ground and the other team would pick it up and throw it back but it was bent because when it hit the ground it bent and the other team would throw there expensive spears and mis and than the roman would pick them up and throw them back to the enemy and kill them. They made good weapons like spears,bow and arrows,cross bows swords shields and they were really good with using these  weapons. The weapons they made they sharpened them on this rock that spins around and than they put there weapons on it and it sharpened the weapons and they put the weapons on hot coals.

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