Natives of the Piedmont

By: Brianna, Jamiyah, and Makenzy

This year, we are learning about Native Americans that live in the Mountain, Piedmont, and Coastal Plains regions. Our group is learning about natives of the Piedmont. Here are two of them:

The Catawba Tribe

The Catawba tribe is the largest in North Carolina's Piedmont country. Catawba means divided or separated. Why the name? They thought they were separated from the rest of  the Siouan nation. Experts today think they came from the Midwest to the Piedmont during buffalo hunts and liked the place good enough to stay.

The Tuscarora Tribe

The Tuscarora tribe made homes all across the state. The Tuscarora were grave enemies of the white people. The white people stole from the Tuscarora and sold them as slaves. They also took their land away from them.

Hope you liked the project!

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