A Sign Full of Mystery

Riley Aukerman 4/16/14

The phone rings late at night.
My dad answers the phone,
"We are leaving in the morning."
What does that mean,
where are we going.

We jump in the car uncertain,
snow blasting off the windshield.
I wanted to ask where we are going.
But, I didn't know what to say,
he wouldn't talk.
It was like in that moment,
everything was

No one would talk.
The only noise was the snow
flying off the windows.
I didn't know if he was shocked
or if he was mad, he was just

But how did I know,
I can barely see over the window.
When we finally stopped
on the sign I could only read church
Its like everything else is a foreign language.

When my dad finally came back
I asked him,
"My grandfathers dead."

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