Kahlil goes to bali

It all started when I got to the hotel

It was so late as soon as I got in the hotel if fell asleep on the floor of the room. The next day we hired a driver to show us around Bali and for a few days we were beach hopping until the day we were heading to the monkey temple, as we were looking through the monkeys a uneaten banana was given to me and the moment I was seen by monkeys 1 jumped on top of me and took the banana and stared eating but another pulled him off.

The next day we went to the coca bean forest were coca beans were grown,they also grew coffe beans and my parents tried Luwak which is coffee and poo mixed together. A few days later me and my mum went to climb a mountain and it was the biggest in bali! It was also a dead volcano so when we got to the summit there was steam coming from the mountain and when we got Down I needed to go toilet but there was none so I dumped in a bucket and a monky found me.

At the last hotel we got to go to a hotel by the beach and a couple of days later we left.

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