‘Little People, Big World’ Teasers: Awkward Moments And More Wedding Preparations Ahead

A new season of Little People, Big World is now airing on TLC, and viewers are loving this opportunity to catch up with the Roloff family. While the tensions continue between Matt and Amy, there’s also Zach and Tori’s wedding on the horizon and viewers are anxious to see the planning play out. What Little People, Big World spoilers are available for the July 21 episode?

TV Guide notes that this episode is titled “Making Marital Moves.” It seems that Zach Roloff will head to California to visit Jeremy and Audrey, who moved out there shortly after their wedding. Zach will be hearing all about married life from Jeremy. Later in the episode, Tori and Zach will turn to Matt to help pull together their vision for their wedding at the farm.

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Also ahead on Tuesday’s episode, Matt makes a big purchase that he’s hoping will help with his health. Based on a Little People, Big World spoiler preview from Us Weekly, it seems that this big purchase is a sauna. Amy Roloff will happen to walk in on Matt while he’s using the sauna, and things are a bit awkward.

Amy notes that she never goes to Matt’s house and that the surprising sauna incident is a good example of why. Amy is clearly a bit agitated that Matt is hanging out in a new sauna while there’s so much that needs to be done on the farm to get ready for Zach and Tori’s wedding. In his defense, Matt says that he needs to be healthy and feel good and he’ll get it all done.

At this point in the new season, Matt and Amy have been separated for quite some time, but they hadn’t made a final decision about moving ahead with a divorce. As the Wrap shows in their Little People, Big World spoiler clip, Matt will talk with his brother about the state of the relationship.

Matt says that things with Amy are fine when it comes to doing things for their kids. They’ve tried counseling, but it didn’t seem to help them resolve their issues. Matt said that they weren’t really working on fixing their marriage, but at this point, they also weren’t ready to call it quits. Since this episode was filmed, though, Amy and Matt have filed for divorce.

Zach and Tori’s wedding is slated to take place on July 25 and will be featured later in the season. Will Matt step up and get everything in place before the big day arrives? Will the family manage to peacefully come together for the event? Fans love having the Roloff family back on television, and they will see the wedding come one step closer in Tuesday’s new episode of Little People, Big World.

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