Leonardo Da Vinci

By: Nancy Lao
Hr. 4

Milan, Florence, Vinci (Da Vinci's home town), and Amboise are the places that he spent most of his life time.

Da Vinci was an apprentice for Andrea del Verocchio, a sculpture and painter in Florence.

Da Vinci then later moved to Milan and worked for the Sforza family as an engineer, sculptor, painter, and architect.

'The Last Supper' was a painting of Jesus and the Apostles at the last supper by Da Vinci.

'Mona Lisa' was painted by Da Vinci during his stay in Florence.

Leonardo Da Vinci impact the world that he lived in and the world today. He had major influence in, hydraulics, mechanic engineering and structural engineering. For example like routes of rivers, bridges, and weapons. He also study the anatomy of the human body. His crude drawings influence on today's airplanes, tanks, and parachutes. This was how This man impact the time that he lived and today's world.

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