Water Project in Ayoma

Draycott Ventures

Why this Project

Draycott Ventures was incorporated with a mission to build and operate a water plant in Ayoma village (Volta region ) which will provide local community with clear drinking water. This project will also help to create jobs in Ayoma and will support Ayoma Vision Charity. In future farming activities also will be added.

How This will be executed

Water to be extracted from 60 feet underground well than the water will be pumped into 4200 gallon tank. The water will be further processed passing through filtration , purification to packaging in 300ml sachets.   

Sample water was already sent to the testing authorities which was approved as suitable for such production.  Certificate to follow in near future.

Initial Capital Expenditure

Assets Acquired

  • Materials to build the factor £4000
  • Land £800
  • Water tank £700
  • Water purifying machine £2120
  • Deep well pump £1600
  • Water pump for the tank  £800

Assets to be sourced by requested £4000

  • Sachet filling machine £1500
  • Motor bikes for distribution £2000
  • Generator £674

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